Dr. Niulka Sanchez-Reyes

Invisible Braces in the Bronx NY dentist

Dr. Niulka Sanchez is a General, Cosmetic and Family Dentist in the Bronx with a speciality in invisible and clear braces.

She has a gentle touch and is upbeat and friendly with a beautiful warm welcoming smile

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Leslie Gross

Bronx Clear Braces Near Me- Dental Hygienist

Leslie is one of the most experienced dental hygienists in the county. She works at our dental clinic since day 1. No one contributed more to our customer's satisfaction and concerns resolving, than she.

Eva Reyes

Bronx General and Cosmetic Dentist- Billing Manager

Eva previously served as a senior practical nurse at the Mayo clinic. She obtained her license by working hard after graduating from a medical college with cum laude honors. She truly represents all the care that our dental office is surrounded with and our patients feel that every time.

Andina Ortiz

Bronx Cosmetic Dentist Office Manager

Andina is the office manager at our General and Family Dentist, Dr Nuilka Sanchez. She has been with the office from day one and she has watched a lot of our pediatric patients grow into young wonderful adults with amazing smiles. All thanks to Dr Sanchez's orthodontics of course!

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